Meet the Potentials

Laura Galvez Marcos, METRO Potential - Group 8 from Spain

“The METRO Potentials programme is a challenge in every way; a perfect mix between learning, taking responsibility, professional and personal growth. We have the opportunity to learn from the successes and mistakes of dozens of departments and processes of the same company in different locations to help METRO continue to grow.”

Laura Galvez Marcos,
METRO Potential - Group 8 from Spain.

Pinank Rajesh, METRO Potential - Group 8 from India

“The programme comprises of various blocks with both domestic and international exposure giving the candidate a complete understanding of the business globally. Each block has a sufficient timeline for the METRO Potentials to understand things properly. The opportunity to work with different departments like Category Management, Supply Chain, Strategy and Operations before joining the final role is the major benefit of this trainee programme.”

Pinank Rajesh,
METRO Potential - Group 8 from India.

Maria Heine, METRO Potential - Group 8 from Germany

“We, as METRO Potentials, will have a huge advantage of knowing most processes in the market itself. We are in constant contact with the customers, getting to know about the employees' concerns and understanding what is important for METRO to perform in their business the best they can. Wholesale is a People's Busines and that is what we learn in this Programme”.

Maria Heine,
METRO Potential - Group 8 from Germany.

Seda Yapca, METRO Potential - Group 8 from Turkey

The job rotation is what attracted me the most, especially the part where we would have the opportunity to work in another country. I think a good programme like this should have different blocks where the participants can experience various departments and aspects of a company and this programme seemed to deliver exactly that and more.”

Seda Yapca,
METRO Potential - Group 8 from Turkey.

Aishwarya Mishra, METRO Potential - Group 8 from India

“The top 3 reasons that attracted me to the METRO Potential programme are; 1) International exposure, 2) Accelerated learning, 3) Interaction with leadership and the opportunity to be mentored by one of them.”

Aishwarya Mishra,
METRO Potential - Group 8 from India.

Caroline Bordet, METRO Potential - Group 8 from France

“What I love about METRO Potentials is that you have the opportunity to try different job positions in various countries and get an overview of the company. During two years, you are mentored by one of the executive board members of your country and get several coaches to challenge you. You can choose your path in the programme and work on interesting projects. You have the chance to leave your footprint in the strategy of the company.”

Caroline Bordet,
METRO Potential - Group 8 from France.

Jan Walter, METRO Potential - Group 8 from Germany

The METRO Potentials programme is so attractive to me because it includes everything I was searching for; an employer who shares my passions for quality, good food, and team spirit. Secondly, it involves working for great and inspiring customers. Thirdly, the opportunity to work on diverse remits, to build a great network and to make an impact by taking responsibility and bringing in own ideas.”

Jan Walter,
METRO Potential -Group 8 from Germany.


The two-year METRO Potentials programme consists of 5 blocks. Our latest group is in the 1st block for the first six months, during which they take on various tasks in the METRO / MAKRO stores. Below are their experiences in the store.

Estrella, Spain

"Despite the difficult situation in Spain, these two months in the store have been amazing. We are careful and are following the rules to have a safe atmosphere while maintaining social distance. However, from the very first day, I have felt like I am a part of the team. They teach me different tasks that they implement daily at the store and now I am learning more than I ever did before. I will never forget my time here and the family I am now a part of."

Estrella Diaz Bermudez, Spain

Caroline Bordet, France

"During these two months, I had the chance to understand the integration of all the departments of the store and discover the know-how of my colleagues. METRO France is in a transformation phase to meet the expectations of its customers, which is even more important in this Covid period. I have the chance to be part of this strategy with my mission of developing the services offered such as the digitalization of the businesses to our clients. I choose to be a guiding principles ambassador to help the teams in the store to identify themselves to the culture of our entire corporate organization."

Caroline Bordet, France

Jan Walter, Germany

"The last two months have been very varied and exciting for me. I learned a lot about the store and our customers. In particular, I have learned how dynamic our industry is and how flexibly we have to react to changing conditions. I enjoy working in a highly motivated team in which we all do our best every day to help our customers."

Jan Walter, Germany

Sumeyye Yuksel, Turkey

"I am so glad that my METRO Journey started in the store; where I can work with dedicated and experienced METRO people, learn about our business, interact with our customers and understand their needs firsthand. In the past two months, I saw that spending time in the store is essential to learn the core of our business."

Sumeyye Yuksel, Turkey

Roha Khwaja, Pakistan

“It has been an amazing experience working in the store. Getting rotated to different departments to cover in-store operations to leading one of the biggest food domains is what I have loved the most. Inarguably, consistent learning has become a routine for me where learning from the experience of my mentor and coach stays unparalleled."

Roha Khwaja, Pakistan

Laura Galvez, Spain

“These last three months have been both challenging and exciting in every way. Having the opportunity to work with such a passionate team motivates me to try harder every day and makes me proud to be a part of METRO. I can't wait to continue my development both as a person and as a professional."

Laura Galvez, Spain

Maria Heine, Germany

"After rotating through the various market divisions for the last three months, my workplace for the rest of the time being in the store became the meat & frozen department. My mornings start super early and maybe stressful & chaotic, but I am learning new things every day & being mega grateful for all the experiences I make! It will be my job to be the department manager from January onward, so it will get serious!"

Maria Heine, Germany

Haris Raza, Pakistan

“While the other retail stores faced lockdowns because of the outbreaks in Pakistan during the covid crisis, METRO Pakistan managed to stay operational even against setbacks by maintaining strict protocols and SOPs at their stores even with the second wave. While working in the appliance category as a management trainee, I have to ensure communication not only with the Operations team but also with several other groups. These groups include our Suppliers, Supply Chain, Marketing and even our Online Team to ensure promotions, stock availability, and sell out are all on track. It can be overwhelming at times, but I have a great team and mentors who are always there to guide the way. During my rotation, I built camaraderie with some of our store colleagues that made the relationship is much richer than what it would have been otherwise."

Haris Raza, Pakistan


Benjamin Fredj, METRO France

The most important learning I got from the METRO Potentials programme is: to succeed in any position you don’t need to be an expert. Agility and curiosity come first. During the programme I had the chance to lead a marketing team in Spain, then handle a financial mission related to FSD business, even though neither of those two positions were related to my academic and working background.

This point is exactly the reason why I got confident enough to become a store manager just at the end of the programme. It would have been unthinkable for me if I hadn’t lived the METRO Potentials experience. In the end it is all about self-confidence and the ability to adapt. Then I could have stepped in to any other position at METRO”

Benjamin Fredj,
Store Manager at METRO France

Mert Gür, METRO Turkey

“I graduated from the METRO Potentials Programme in September 2018. Now, I am working as a Store Manager in İstanbul, Turkey. For me, The most important learning from the METRO Potentials Programme is the importance of continuous improvement & learning both professionally and personally to become a true leader. This programme gave me the vision of it with unique trainings from professionals. Being pro-active with learning during and after the programme developed my leadership ability.

As a store manager, being in the heart of operations gives me a chance to lead a high number of people and interact with our customers directly, and I can apply what I learned from the programme.”

Mert Gür,
Store Manager at METRO Turkey

Tatiana Bobrikova from Russia, now working in METRONOM

“My most important learning from the programme was that I kept with me 360 degree understanding of the business in the international landscape; a tool box of various hard and soft skills; and very good friends!

Now I’m part of METRO digital, where I’m building digital solutions for METRO business. The power of communication and perspective, and the ability to drive change is something that I use every day – it keeps exciting me and people around me”

Tatiana Bobrikova from Russia,
now working at METRO digital

Lalit Aggarwal from India, Global Pricing at METRO AG

“If you know how to push your limits and are open to learn, METRO Potentials programme becomes a nurturing platform for you where there is no such thing as a 'typical day' - every day is an experience!”

Lalit Aggarwal from India,
now working in Global Pricing at METRO AG

Rosemarijn Jansen, Foodservice Proposition Manager at makro Netherlands

“The METRO Potentials Programme gave me an international end-to-end perspective on the wholesale business: from local store operations to international Head Office. The Programme developed me as an individual and gave me the tools and network to be a successful manager in the Horeca industry of the Netherlands”

Until recently, Rose was the Horeca Marketing Manager at MAKRO Netherlands. As of the of 1st of March 2020, she started a new role as Foodservice Proposition Manager in the lead for developing and implementing the Foodservice (including Horeca) strategy for MAKRO Netherlands.

Rosemarijn Jansen,
Foodservice Proposition Manager at MAKRO Netherlands