Are you ready to enhance your ideas, skills and boost your passion?

The METRO Potentials Programme is an amazing opportunity to thrive and build your professional career in one of the most dynamic industries in the world. In METRO/MARKO we are not only passionate about our customer’s success and focus all our actions to make them grow, but also we aspire to take our customers’ business to a whole new level.

As a mentor, I have the privilege to support and guide many trainees’ career development. I firmly believe that the Programmes' success lies in being curious, self-assured and trusting the power of relationships of the whole METRO/MAKRO environment.

Would you describe yourself as humble and at the same time want to inspire others to go further?

Well, this is not only a two-year rotational program where you can live remarkable experiences, but also this is the chance to rise to challenges and have full ownership of projects which will have a direct impact on the company’s sustainability and, of course, on your professional expansion!

Pilar Oncins,
Human Resources Director - MAKRO Spain

Pilar Oncins, Human Resources Director MAKRO Spain

Pilar Oncins (left) and Marc Garau (right)